Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tissue paper on foil with glue can get messy and frustrating, mostly because dried glue that's left on your fingers will get picked up and it'll stick right to the tissue paper.  Yes, even when you think you have all of the dried glue off of your fingers.  It's like magic!  Sticky, grumpy magic.  I don't have a fix for it, other than covering up the white dried glue with more tissue paper or picking it off with tweezers.

I made a gajillion bananas, because the Doctor's in the house, and bananas are good.  I even made two that were halfway unpeeled, and an apple that's been eaten to the core.  You can click to make the picture bigger, so you can see it better!

Most of these things are pretty straightforward to make.  Just make the shape out of foil, and cover it with glue and tissue paper.  The exceptions are the grapes, and the partially peeled bananas. To make grapes, I just tore off pieces of purple, and rolled them between my fingers to make small, oblong spheres.  No glue, because it'll hold its shape on its own pretty well, and using glue will just leave a smeary, sticky purple mess on your fingers (I tried).  I wrapped wire around a sewing needle to get coils, leaving half of it uncoiled and slightly curved. I then spread glue on the wire, and applied the grapes, one by one, filling in empty spots as I went.

I covered half of the banana with white paper, the other half with yellow.  And then I took a flat piece of white paper and covered one side of that flat piece with yellow.  I cut the peel shapes, and applied them, yellow side out.

Here's a closer picture!  Happy arting!

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