Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Okay, so this probably wouldn't have taken me eighteen thousand years to make if I weren't so focused on making it fancy-schmancy.  I'm annoying like that.

This bulletin board is actually pretty basic.  Take a coaster, cut it into a rectangle, back it with cardboard because probably it's going to be sort of flimsy.  Remember those bamboo slats from yesterday?  You can make a workable frame with the scraps.  What I did is I used two slats that are still attached, so I could curve it around the edge of the coaster and cover up any raggedness.  Trust me, there probably will be a little bit of raggedness.

It took me forever to find the shade of purple that I wanted, and it's still not 100% there, but then I painted some gloss over it and I'm more chill about it.  For scale, the shortest side of the bulletin board is slightly shorter than a standard pair of tweezers.

And the pins!  These are just regular pins, cut with  a wire cutter, and you are probably a lot better at this sort of thing than I am so you are probably not going to stab yourself in the fingers so often that people don't even look up anymore when you yelp (you know who you are).  Slide a small bead onto the pin, glue it, and leave it standing pointy end up on a piece of plastic wrap until it dries like the world's most painful cookies.
I added some shinies onto my board, just stuff I had lying around or stuff I could cobble together from stuff I had lying around.  A TARDIS, for the Doctor.  A red bow tie for the Doctor.  And a raven's feather for Poe. 

And in case you can't read the notes....
First one:
Pick up:

Second one:
You can't put a person on a grocery list.
* Toad

Third one, all smudged and crinkled:

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