Tuesday, August 9, 2011

In a furious fit of obsessive compulsocity I ripped up the carpeting from yesterday.  It wasn't working. 

Here's something that I learned the hard way that no one ever told me: SUPERGLUE DISCOLORS STUFF AND THEN IT HARDENS AND THEN IT'S USELESS.  I knew to try it on a sample bit, and I did, but maybe I didn't try enough.  At any rate, I may try to salvage what I have, or I may get more samples and start from scratch.  Only time (tomorrow) will tell, because I have another rule: never art anxiously.  At least, never for something that matters.  Go to town on a canvas to get out some aggression with abstract splashes of paint and swishes of glitter and snips with a scissor, but don't try for precision work.

I do have a tiny stroke of brilliance for you to make up for it, though. Six words: Dollar Store Battery Operated Tiny Booklamps.  They'd make the perfect indoor lighting.  You're welcome!  Happy arting.

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