Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I know I've been radio silence for a few days. Don't worry, I haven't been eaten by an  eldritch Lovecraftian horror (note to self: get the dollhouse a Cthulhu). I went on a weekend trip to help my sister move into her dorm (love you, sis!)

After that, I got the kind of headache that beats up other headaches on the playground, and also I've been sewing for a commission piece!

That doesn't mean I haven't been thinking about you.  On Saturday we stopped by an antique shop and got four knobby things that would make great barstools.  Also, I went shooting for the first time ever last week, and shell casings would be fantastic as chair legs, or other metal-y accents, just don't tell the Doctor.  Or Batman.  Also: I have some canvas from... a canvas that my sister didn't want anymore, and it was kind of ruined by hot glue on the surface, so I cut out the canvas from the frame and now I have it to stretch over tiny wooden frameworks.

 I promise, I'll be back to my regularly scheduled yammering tomorrow!  Happy arting!

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