Thursday, September 1, 2011

I am super-dee-duper excited right now!  I decided that the house needed a Russian nesting doll.

Kind of big for the dollhouse, but not too too big.

I made them by making a mold of two beads with paper and glue, in two parts, attaching them when the molds were dry.  I made a cut a little below the middle.

  I then searched around for other tools I could use, to make a middle-sized doll mold.  I ended up using the bottom of a pen for the bottom, and the bottom of a stitch-ripper for the curve.  The littlest is just made of foil with a paper wrapping.
All the details are done with tissue paper, and the insides are bright orange! The colors are blurry in the pictures, and the details are a little hard to see, but I am unfortunately not a photographer, and I had to manipulate angles with great precision in order to not show the massive mess that is my bedroom.  Have I mentioned how much I love Paper Month?  It's a blast!  The nesting dolls are seriously loads cuter than they look in the picture.

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