Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm thinking Paper Week just might turn into Paper Month, what with all of the inspiration I've been having, and my brilliant idea-factory of a mom.  Today she suggested stationary so I made some lovely... pink stationary.  What else can you do, in a male-dominated dollhouse?  You've got to shake them up.

Fold it up, leaving a little bit of overlap on the bottom, a little more at the top, beads of glue to close the bottom.  I then used a needle before the glue had dried to ensure that the envelope wouldn't stick itself closed.

I made a stamp with liquid paper and a sewing pin, to make a tiny white rectangle.  Then a sharp-tipped sharpie for a bright spot of color.  There's even a tiny letter in there!  I'd read it to you, but the writing is too small.

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