Friday, August 19, 2011

Today's post is brought to you by the letter B, and nostalgia for Sesame Street.  Birdcage, bear, and Batman, but we won't be making the bear or the Batman.

All you need is string, white glue, and that same thin cardboard we used to make Edgar Allan Poe his pink bunny slippers, plastic wrap, wire, toothpicks, and a thingamajig the shape that you want your cage to be.

I used the plastic container to a very small quarter-machine toy, and a bottle cap, and I covered it with clear plastic cling wrap.  Then I coated string in glue and started to lay it out, crisscross.  The cardboard does well for a bottom, the toothpicks as a place for the bird to perch, wire to attach a door.

After some fiddling, here it is.  It looks a little dinged up, but I think that gives it character (like it's been piled under two novels, an old geode, a lamp, and a bowler hat in the depths of an intergalactic garage), and it's not bad at all for a first go!

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