Saturday, August 13, 2011

Door knobs make perfect little tables, and if you don't believe me, imagine this, rotated on its side onto the roundish flat end (maybe with tiny beaded feet added to keep it steady), with a table cloth over it the flatter flat end.  Kind of hip, huh?

If you want to get fancy-pantsed, look for older door knobs.

Crystal side down, but for the others, I'd suggest flat side down, with a round, thick piece of plastic (or glass, if you want to get fancy) so you can still see the intricate designs on the top.  It's kind of round, but if you glue the plastic flat right at the middle, and cover up the seam all the way around with a trim that looks good with the color of the knob, you should be right as rain (if rain has rights).  It's weird and quirky, but I dig that scene, yo.

I don't have one myself to show you, but I was inspired by two (two!) separate occasions of garage sales today that had doorknobs for sale, except they were all quite rounded.

I need to man up and do the floors.  Maybe tomorrow, at never-o'-clock.

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  1. You could just take a saw to the bottom of the round ones, or sand paper them to a flatter surface. The sandpaper might take some time, and with a saw... You'd just have to know how to cut it ^^ It would take awhile also :P