Friday, August 26, 2011

I am so excited about these tiny coffee mugs. Namely, because it's still Paper Week, and they look like clay.  They even feel like clay.  But they're a lot easier to put together than clay and they're addictive; I could just sit and make them all day.

I used parts of a paper bag for this one.  A couple layers glued together for the bottom, which I pushed over a foil-covered end of a pen. 

Then a long strip, a few layers deep, spun around the pen with a liberal application of glue (though not on the first go-'round, so it won't stick to the foil).  You will get glue all over yourself.  That is okay.

Then the handle, which is just a little glued roll.

I painted them crazy colors, because heaven only knows that I'm not interested until it's bright enough to give a rainbow unicorn eyestrain-related headaches.  Once the glue dries, the mug goes stiff, but when you paint it you're basically getting it wet again, so do thin coats, and several, if you want a nice bright color.  I then glossed them, inside and out.

I made them huge on purpose, because you can never have too much coffee/tea/beverages/whatever Poe drinks. Probably muddy water or something. 

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  1. Tiny mugs of WIN. And probably industrial-strength espresso... >.>;; It would explain SO MUCH.