Monday, September 19, 2011

Okay, you seriously have to click this picture to make it bigger, because there is a lot going on.  This isn't even half of the presents I got yesterday!  (Eeee!)

Starting from right to left, there's a Jack Sparrow who is already blitzed and leaning on the wall with a bottle in hand, right in front of him (and under the time stamp) is a bucket and a roll of paper towels for the ensuing mess.  The Doctor is standing in front of a roll top desk holding a basketball.  Next to him is a cappuccino machine on a table.  Batman is wearing a poncho and futilely trying to vacuum by a stool.

There is a platoon of babies and a little dog in front of a jukebox, with a broom and a golf club leaning against it.

Back to the front, there's a calendar and a letter opener on a desk... thingy, on another table; next to that is a baseball bat and a super cute turtle with an open mouth like it's saying, "Yooo" in a cute turtle voice.

Now to the heavy drinker corner.  Poe and Oscar Wilde, with a bottle of something antiseptic, a case of beer, a can of beer-y stuffs, a chair, a table, and in the far corner, a hatrack.


Tomorrow I'll come at you with some more books that I've made.

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