Monday, September 12, 2011

The movie was awesome!  I had a wonderful team of actors and writers and editors around me, and I'm really super happy with the end product.  I got to make really icky zombie props!  I'll spare you the details.

I came home to find that my mom found me some beautiful dollhouse stuff at garage sales, and I want to show you!

Clicky to make the picture better.  The Doctor has a toy (is anyone surprised?  No?)  A basket of wood, a metal chicken, a cookie jar, glass jars of stuff (the lollipops are made with a bead on a stick, super creative!), a wind-up phone that really rings, a butter churn, a pump... thingy, a can of oats, two baskets of fruit complete with tiny prices, an itty bitty pocket knife, hatchet, wrench, and more.  And tons of othersuch thingamajiggers. 

All for three bucks!  How great is that?  Tomorrow I'm going to try to tackle one of the big rooms, to prep and paper, and maybe floor it.  I'm feeling ambitious.  Happy arting!

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