Thursday, September 8, 2011

Still cleaning, but I decided to make a wardrobe while I was out of the house yesterday, since I couldn't clean when I was out of the house anyway!  My logic, it is flawless.

I had this super cute sheet of stickers that I found whilst cleaning, and it's kind of... nursery-esque, so I suppose someone in the house is going to have to have a baby.  Or else it's for someone who's young at heart(s).

Here's how it started out:
Here's how it looked after a couple coats of orange tempera paint.

And here's how it looks with the stickers!

I've since ended up moving the orange flower over by the bird. I'll say it's to give it a cute sense of unbalancedness, but really it's because I smudged orange paint on the lake by accident.

Here it is on the inside!  The toys are fuzzy, and they came from cute hairties that were starting to unfringe.  I tugged the scrunchies off, and I'm keeping them as tiny toys.  The ball came from a quarter machine, ages ago.

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  1. We vote for Poe and Dr. Who to adopt a delightful Russian baby!

    (I am sure he/she will appreciate the nesting dolls.)

    Your cyberstalker
    Elisa Mann