Friday, September 16, 2011

There's been a special delivery of books at the house, for Hagrid and Poe!

Hagrid now has The Monster Book of Monsters from Harry Potter, and Poe has Twilight.  Anyone who thinks that the title says Toilet is sadly mistaken, as I am a mature adult, ahem.
I made the books a pretty standard way, with the folds being in the middle, and stacking tons of papers in there, and gluing them together at the creases, with a scrap of posterboard as the cover.  The Twilight one I just painted.  As for The Monster Book of Monsters... I used felt as the fur, and it worked pretty well because the more I messed with it, the furrier it looked.  I painted the felt to get the right color.  The mouth is made of notecard material, and the eyes are yellow glass beads and I used a pin to paint a black pupil in the center.

Closer look, that I now see is blurry as heck:

I wrote on the insides of the books, too.  Twilight is mostly lyrics to songs and snarky comments.  The Monster Book of Monsters has my actual reimaginings of classic monsters, plus watercolor illustrations.

More books will be forthcoming, once my hands stop smarting so much from writing teeny words!  Happy arting!

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