Thursday, December 8, 2011

Today.  Was.  Glorious.  I chillaxed with a buddy of mine and we both sewed at IHOP.  We had an awesome time!  I had them sit us at a table near an outlet so I could plug in my hot glue gun.  Subsequently I burned the dickens out of my hand with my hot glue gun... more times than I want to admit to, but let it be known that I have lost part of one of my fingerprints on this day.  One step closer to being a world class criminal.  Hi CIA people!  It's me, Heather!

I've been quiet on the art front because I haven't been doing anything doll-y recently.  I painted one of my canes, I sewed my mom a hand warmer that looked like an owl, and I fully embarrassed myself with a hammer and made a housey looking thing that I don't know what to do with (choices: make it a gingerbread house but make all the 'candy' by hand which will be time consuming and frustrating, or make it into a regular housey thing).

But today!  Glorious today!  I made a chair.

I know, I know, the photograph looks like it was taken by a blind arthritic monkey.  But it's a chair covered by this faux snakeskin leather that I cut off of a miniskirt that I got on sale at a thrift shop.  I made the base out of a toilet paper roll, cut apart and toyed with until it worked. I also used batting, and sewed the seams together by hand after my five thousandth encounter with the gooey end of the glue gun.

This is a picture of the Doctor sitting in it, but my hand slipped taking the picture and then my camera ran out of batteries.  I'm too lazy to go back downstairs and get fresh ones.  Happy arting!

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