Sunday, December 18, 2011

Guyzzzz.  Today I painted some tiny people.  They can be the elves that live in the house, causing mischief.

I found them, plain white, at an art supply store, in the railroad section!  A darling friend of mine bought it for me, and I had an amazing time hanging out with my buddies all day Saturday.  I even made a new friend (hi!)

This pic might be a little clearer, but I'm taking it with my cell phone so no promises.

From left to right, it's Shirtless Guy, Old Guy, Hipster Guy, Two Face, and the Fifth Doctor (or as I call them, the One With The Celery).

I did the painting with a push pin!  Guys, painting these little people is more fun than a ticklish monkey in a room full of feathers.

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