Sunday, October 23, 2011

Here's a slightly less creepy picture of Rapunzel!

And now, a report on my Garage Sale Saturday:

Two boxes to put tiny stuff in, so I can organize all the household items that I've made.  After setting up the bookshelf for the upteenth time after bumping into the table that the house is on, I've decided that with how clumsy I am, it's probably best for me to keep stuff in boxes for a while.

Lovely flooring and fabric, from a woman who only charged me a dollar for both!  (If you're reading this, hi, and thank you again!)

From one side to another: a velociraptor, a cheetah (that I might repaint), a tiny triceratops, Flounder from The Little Mermaid who needs a new paintjob, a closet monster, and a rocking horse Christmas ornament that I need to remove the string from and repaint, perhaps as a zebra.
Seriously, check out the monster, he's adorable.

And, finally, a nice, heavy lightswitch cover that would make a perfect tabletop or headboard or something.

 Happy arting!

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