Monday, October 10, 2011

A darling buddy of mine came over with skeletons for me! She's hoping to do a really cool house herself, so we split the skeleton garland down the middle.  Two for me, two for her.

Then we spent a long time coming up with skeleton puns.  My favorite from her: "You really get under my skin!"  My favorites from me: "Hi, I'm Moldy and this is Skully, and we're in the X-Files" and, when I moved a skeleton's leg near the bowl of strawberries, "Here's some fruit by the foot!"

Due to a brilliant suggestion, I made one into a table.

Clear plastic top!  Pretty neat, huh?  I basically just cut the legs at the knees, and moved them to the shoulders, cut the arms at the elbows and folded them around the stomach.  The head will have a use all of its own, but I'm not telling... except for everyone I've already told.  I still need to fiddle around with it a little, but happy arting!

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  1. I want a real life skeleton table like that one! -Kat