Friday, October 14, 2011

Fiftieth post!  Which means imaginary champagne for all.  Feel free to leave me a comment; let me know how I've been doing, what I can do to improve your mini-perusing, and what I ought to do next!  I take suggestions!

Since it's the fiftieth post, I wanted to make something especially pretty.  I had my dad drill a hole in the skull that came from the body that I made the skele-table with, fixed the weird dent in the back of the head that all of these skeletons come with, and went to work!  A vase!

White acrylic paint and sharpies, plus a gloss finish.  The flowers are cut out from plastic water bottles and colored with sharpies, then shrunken and warped with a heat gun.  Seriously the most fun thing to do ever.

The colors in real life are actually a lot more vibrant.  One day I'll hold a photographer hostage and make him take pictures for me.

This is just when I was trying to get a picture of the back of the skull and ended up getting an unflattering picture of my torso and volunteering name badge.  Happy arting!


  1. The skull vase is so cool! I can't believe you made those flowers out of plastic water bottles! They look like those wax ones you can buy at a craft store. Awesome job! -Kat

  2. make a jack o lantern!