Friday, October 21, 2011

Guys, today is part of that Super Secret Surprise that no one everyone was awaiting with bated breath! 

Here's my first attempt at a person.  Rapunzel, with her hair out of the window, all like, "Whatevs."  I saw part of Tangled, and decided to do my interpretation (given that I can't find a proper Rapunzel in the right scale).

Here she is standing (leaning).  Her legs and head are made of clay.  Her hands are foil with paper because I made them out of clay and decided I didn't like them, and foil is forgiving while teeny clay fingers might (read: will, if you're me) snap.

The hair is hair 'extensions' that I got from the dollar store from a Halloween costume display.  This is my first experience trying to wig anything, and I messed up hardcore.  I couldn't find anything that would properly connect barbie doll hair with clay.  Not hot glue, not Elmer's, not super.  Maybe I'm just not in the cool kids' club.  So I just used a combination of the three and the top of the head looked all different shades of jacked up.  That's why I added the crown, out of copper tape.

I also added little hair cuffs out of copper tape, and tiny jewels from a dollar store manicure kit.

The arms look kinda lumpy, but let's just say that's because of the dress I sewed onto her and leave it right there at that.  I'll fiddle with it, yet.  Happy arting!

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