Sunday, January 15, 2012

Today I made a Sorting Hat!  I'm on a severe Harry Potter kick right now, rereading the books and remembering how badly I want to be a wizard.  I'm taking that out on my dollhouse.

I made it out of real leather, from a pair of pants I got at a thrift store for the precise purpose of snipping and stitching.  And let me tell you: sewing through leather is so not worth it.  I should've used that polyester that I have that looks like leather, but that frays.  And now my fingers hurt.  Count yourself lucky that you don't live with me, because then you'd have to listen to me whine about how much my hands hurt and how I'm bleeding and stuff.

So what I did is I made a sort of donut shape out of one bit of leather, and a conical shape with another, two strips, and basically the rest is self-explanatory.  Except I gathered bits of the cone with in-out stitching to give it that rumpled look.

I think it still needs some roughing up, but I think this is a good start!  Happy arting!

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