Friday, January 27, 2012

I did a repainting of a cat yesterday, and I made the mistake of not taking a before picture.  But the cat came from this container of dollar store animals, so you can just imagine how hideous it was before.  White and orange, with the kind of face that is best described as (please don't hate me for this) a sourpuss.

Here she is.  The house now has a Professor McGonagall.  I used acrylic and repainted it about five hundred million times, because tabby cat patterns are not easy to paint in a way that doesn't look like (well) it was painted on.
And thanks to a lovely suggestion, the next thing I'm going to try for is a K-9!  Thank you so much for your feedback!  I'm thrilled.  : )

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  1. The cat came out fantastic :) and Im glad you are going to attempt K9