Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Still Harry Pottering, today I made a copy of Advanced Potion Making.  There are covers you can find by googling 'Advanced Potion Making' covers, and I just resized it to miniature size!

I bound the book with sewing thread, and I tried to dye it with a teabag.  The teabag was twice-used before I got to it, so it didn't really work for aging the paper.  All I got was a sopping wet chunk of book.  I brought it upstairs and ran it over with a thin amount of brown watercolor, and I think that worked great.  The brown soaks in just the right amount if the paper is already wet.

I apologize for the pic quality.  It's with my phone.  Also, that foot is the Doctor's foot, clever beast, him.

Here's the inside:
For the inside, I just basically made scribbles that looked like words and drew alchemical symbols every few pages.  I also crossed things out and added arrows.  After all, it is annotated by the Half-Blood Prince.

Happy arting!

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