Friday, February 10, 2012

I finally have new material!  Rejoice!  Applaud!  Howl it from the rooftops, but don't get in trouble with your HOA!

Believe it or else, this is all made from paper!  I got the idea from this lovely tutorial!  I've never tried quilling before, so basically, I just rolled the paper by hand without any sort of tool.  And it's not exactly quilling paper, either; just regular paper cut into thin strips, glued into flat disks and pushed into bowl shapes, and then I spread glue all over it to make it keep its shape. 

I sanded them with a nail file when they were dry, painted them, and glossed them.

The teapot was deceptively easy to make.  I just made two simple bowl shapes from the paper, attached them end to end, and rolled a spout and a handle.  The vases are pretty simple, too.  One bowl shape, one tube shape, attached in the middle!  Happy arting!

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