Monday, February 27, 2012

The house now has something that I've been calling a Gentleman Velociraptor, though my mother suggested the title Philosiraptor, which I very much like.  Here he is, before he became a gentleman, trying to eat my brother.
Bad velociraptor.  Bad.

Here he is, all dolled up.  I made his monocle with a chain and a circle clasp, plus clear nail polish for the glass.  In retrospect, using a small circle of clear tape and then clear nail polish would have maybe looked better!

Here he is from the front!  I made his vest with real leather, bought from the thrift store.  I learned that using white glue on leather actually works remarkably.  His buttons are little silver thingies that my sister took off of a shirt and gave me ages ago.
I love this little guy!  Happy arting!

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  1. He looks great I can just imagine him pouring everyone a nice cup of tea!