Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Today I finally felt a little spark of motivation, and I moved to make a tiny deck of cards.

It wasn't as easy as just snipping them out, though.  I painted the back with this cool metallic blue paint that I got when I was painting set pieces for a community production of Alice and Wonderland.  I fell in love with the shade, but I haven't had cause to use it since. 

The tiny cards were printed on cardstock (or photo paper) and I coated the front with white Elmer's glue.  That gave it more of a playing card feeling between my fingers, if that makes sense.

I'm not the best cutter in the world, so I tried to cut it with a boxcutter and a ruler.  Big mistake.  It ended up tearing up the paint on the back (I'll do touchups eventually).  I switched to scissors and I didn't do half badly!  This is Van Gogh playing Solitaire (okay, so my hands are too shaky today for setting up tiny things, but I made them, and that's the important bit!)  Happy arting!

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  1. I feel like that's exactly how Van Gogh's solitaire piles would look.