Thursday, March 22, 2012

to thine own elf be true!

I'm having my first experience with Sculpey! It's fun!  My hands hurt because I've been sculpting all day, though.  Here's one of the fruits of my labor.  Dobby!  I want to bake everything at once so he isn't in the oven yet, and now that I look at the picture, I can see where I need to smooth more, and add more.

 There's his cute little profile!  I made him with wire and candy wrappers as his skeleton, and the only thing that can move on him is his arms (if he bakes correctly).
Happy arting!


  1. Hes great ...good luck with the baking timing and temprature are everything

  2. Oh! Dobby!! I hope he survives the oven! I want to see him ready..