Monday, July 25, 2011

My constant mantra as I hastily tried to straighten up to take a few pictures was: "I'm not a hoarder, I'm an artist."  Not a hoarder.  An artist.  At any rate, look at how horrific it is!  Everything is crooked, there are zero right angles, and unfortunately it is already glued down that way.  Thankfully, all three stories are still separate so I can work on them; I just stacked them for a better picture.  And yes, there will be a dragon on the roof.  You can sort of see part of his wing.

It doesn't look half as bad as it is far away, so here's a closer look at the big room on the first floor.  Look at this sad excuse for a floor.  I tore up the previous floor, which was green and very adhesive.  Look at the streaky paint on the walls!  For one thing, I didn't sand them before I painted them.  Don't judge me, I was but a child!  Late teenager.  Child!  And I painted them with regular acrylic paint, which soaked right into the wood like tomato soup into grilled cheese.
And in case you're not entirely convinced by how bad it looks, here's a closer view of the third floor.  Edgar Allan Poe didn't write depressing stuff because he was the master of horror.  He wrote depressing stuff because he was stuck in a dollhouse with cracks in the floor.  Look at how sad he looks.  The flooring is twelve by twelve vinyl self-adhesive tiles, but in rooms that aren't square and are bigger than a square foot, we had to try to cut up other pieces to make it fit, and we ended up with gaps.  Another thing about me: I'm not good at measuring, and I'm rubbish with straight lines.  This renovation is going to be an adventure.
 Next post I'm going to give a lesson on how to get carpet for free.  Happy arting!

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