Monday, February 4, 2013


Today, I tried to make dollhouse candles with real wax, and failed miserably.  I found out that the reason is that I'm not double-boiling the wax... just trying to stick (unweighted) sewing thread into a candle, and not waiting for it to cool before I dip again.

That's why no picture yet.

But.  If you boil a heat-resistant container with wax in water, weigh down the bottom with a small bead, and are actually patient, you should come up with a tiny candle!  Don't try to light it, though, because you need to use borax, salt, and water to soak your 100% cotton wick in for at least a day for it to be functional and not a disaster.  All the same, I wouldn't light a tiny candle anyway.  A waste of a llllot of work if you ask me!  Happy arting!

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