Saturday, November 26, 2011

Today I did some work for the dollhouse's baby room (wherever that'll be).  It was about time for the super cool furniture I got at the garage sale to have some reupholstering.

It's a yellow and white checkerboardy pattern, which is really pretty, except that it looks kind of dingy and it's fraying.

I chose a blue fabric with little flowers that looked like cotton.  A friend sent it to me a long while ago with a bunch of other fabric.

I removed the pads, then I sewed the fabric on the way you lace up shoelaces.

Check it out!  I still have to hot glue it on, but I think that looks pretty neat.  I'd show you the other piece too, but I broke the side edge of it and now I can't find the wooden bit.  Wish me luck looking!  Happy arting!

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